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Small Clean Up Jobs

Most small spots of black mold contamination associated with a minor drip or leak or spot of condensation can be easily and inexpensively cleaned up.

Educate yourself first by reviewing these educational guidelines:

1: Clean-Up Guide in our Mold Check Kit

2: "A brief guide to mold, moisture and your home."

3: Do-it-Yourself Mold Cleanup.

You can clean up any kind of mold with a little bit of caution and some elbow grease. It’s inexpensive – for less than $500 you’ve got the tools to do a safe small clean up.

The key "To Do" cautions are:

  1. Protect your eyes (Goggles)
  2. Protect your lungs/noze (Dust Mask)
  3. Protect your hands (Rubber Gloves)

The key "Don’ts" are:

  1. Don’t rush and blow mold spores all over the room.

4: Find the Water-Fix it.

Once you’ve cleaned the surface the detective work begins. Where is the source of the water that caused the mold to grow?

Small Area (Less than 10 Square Feet): TYPICAL SURFACE CLEANING COSTS:

Cup of detergent or sanitizer .10¢
Gallon of Water .01¢
Rubber gloves $1.00
Bucket $2.00
Goggles $4.00
Dust Mask $5.00
"Sweat Equity" $0.00
TOTAL $12.11


Professional Clean-Up Costs

Our information from across the USA is that high prices are the norm, based on a combination of the customer fear factor and the contractor fear factor that everyone is poised to sue everyone else who becomes involved in the clean-up process.The minimum costs and small clean-up crews start at about $1,000.00/day.

Large Mold Clean-Ups

Don’t procrastinate. All mold, whether toxic or not should be cleaned up the same way – carefully and safely to protect your health and not spread harmful spores into the air. If you find mold growing on a surface, plan to clean it up right away. Learn how to carefully clean up the surface mold prior to conducting the leak or other problem investigation.

Educate yourself first by reviewing these educational guidelines:

  1. Big Jobs: For big jobs (more than 10 sq. feet) read "Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings." ( or call (800) 438-4318 for a free hard copy.
  2. Another standard industry reference is the NYC Department of Health’s "Guidelines on Assessment and Remediation in Indoor Environments."

Black Mold and Water Sources

Water, Water, Water — You’ve got to find the water! An integral part of your black mold or any mold clean-up must be the discovery and correction of the water problem that has caused the mold to grow indoors and create an indoor mold contamination problem.

Black Mold/Mildew and any other mold contamination will grow back in a few days if the surface remains moist due to condensation or a water leak.

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