building a clean room Building a Low Trigger Room

Building a Low Trigger Room

Mold and mildew cannot grow in dry, clean spaces, and there are places in the home that can be set up as “clean rooms”to help with peace of mind.

The best way to reduce or eliminate overnight asthma episodes is to build and maintain a "Low Asthma Trigger" Bedroom – a "Clean Room"

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How to Set Up Your "Low Asthma Trigger" Room

Asthma and Allergy attacks cannot occur without allergens. The key to lessening overnight indoor attacks is to eliminate as many airborne particles as is possible from the bedroom.

  • Caulk the windows all the way around to stop outdoor air drafts from entering the room.
  • Caulk the baseboard (top and bottom) all the way around the room to stop inner wall dust drafts.
  • Install draft sealing gaskets on the electrical outlets and switches.
  • Remove wall-to-wall carpeting and put in wood, tile or linoleum flooring.
  • Install the largest room-sized HEPA filter you can afford and run it continuously.
  • Plug in a room humidifier linked to a humidistat for 50% winter humidification.
  • Buy a HEPA vacuum cleaner or install a "central" vacuum system.
  • Remove curtains and install non-fabric shades.
  • Cover the mattress and pillows in synthetic "non allergenic" coverings.
  • Install the highest efficiency rated "pleated" furnace filter available.
  • Install an electrostatic filter in the furnace main duct.
  • Place an electrostatic filter in front of the room’s air supply duct so that heated or air conditioned air must blow through the filter before it enters the room.
  • Shut the "low trigger" bedroom door day and night in order to keep the cleaned air in and dusty air out. Install an "open line" intercom for nighttime peace of mind.
  • Don’t buy a dog, cat, bird, or other furry pet or at least confine them to a very limited area in the house in a non carpeted room. Do not let Fido, Casper, Tweety or Chuckie in the allergic person(s) bed room. Do not let the pets sleep on sofas or chairs used by the allergic individual.
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"Peace of mind" and a "Good Night’s Sleep" are healthy conditions parents and young children with asthma would like to find.


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