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Using one of our patented Multi-Test™ kits will allow you to make a visual comparison in order to locate the source of the mold. Our different kits are designed to help you make these comparisons depending on the number of rooms in the building or home you are in. A kit with five tests should be adequate to test an apartment, while a kit with ten tests would be ideal for the whole house. Our kit with 15 tests will allow you to test the whole house, and then retest those rooms after you’ve performed mold remediation. This is the MOST cost-effective way of finding mold that’s available on the market! After the source of mold is located, you can use our Clean-Up Guide (included with every kit) to perform mold remediation. 

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The Multi-Test™ (10) Kit
Our most popular kit! Ideal for testing all the rooms of an entire house. Placing a film in each room and allowing the mold to grow will give you a visual basis for seeing which of these rooms has the most mold. Yes, each room has some mold, but with our patented system, you can now compare the mold growth in all the rooms at once to find out which room will have the source of the mold contamination! Only $49.95!

The Multi-Test™ (5) Kit
This kit is perfect for apartments and small homes. It works just like our Multi-Test™ (10) Kit and will help you you to find the source of mold contamination in your apartment, mobile home, or other other small living space! Only $39.95!

The Multi-Test™ (15) Kit
This kit works much like the the other Multi-Test™ kits, but the addition of extra films will allow you to perform retesting on suspect rooms after mold clean-up and remediation has been performed. If the first round of testing has led you to the source of mold contamination and you’ve since cleaned up the mold, you can use the extra films in this kit to perform retests and see if the mold problem has truly been eliminated! Only $59.95!

The MoldCheck M-COM™ Commercial Kit
This kit contains 50 tests and is ideal for commercial areas such as dormitories or offices. It works exactly like our other Multi-Test™ Kits! Only $199.95!

All of our patented mold testing kits comes with instructions for both surface and air testing. We’ve also included a Mold Investigation Guide and a Mold Clean-Up Guide!

The Tox-Check™ Lab Service
If you want to know the specific type of mold or molds that are growing in the areas that you’ve tested using our kit, you can purchase this service. Simply use the swab enclosed in our kit and send a sample of the mold to our laboratory. Within two weeks, we will send you an email detailing the types of mold you are dealing with. Keep in mind that all mold contamination, no matter the type, should be cleaned to ensure the good health of all of the building’s occupants. Only $35.95!

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Find the Mold Contamination Source

Choose your Mold Search Kit!
Mold test kits with multiple air and swab tests to locate
the source of mold contamination in your home

Once the source is found, you can send in a swab for lab testing (additional fee required0. 

MoldCheck Test Kit mold test


How is the MoldCheck™ Test Kit different from all the others on the market, and why is it the most valid mold investigation tool?

    • Mold test kits with multiple tests allow you to compare multiple rooms to pinpoint the highest mold concentration area.
    • Find it all- These mold testing kits allow you to test the air, surfaces, AC ducts, fabrics, and an outdoor control.
    • Simple to use: open the mold sensitive film for one hour, or swab a sample on it, add a drop of liquid, close, and see the mold counts develop, and colors develop to find the moldiest room.
    • These air test kits are “no-lab-fee” kits. However, if you want to identify the mold, when you find it, purchase a toxic/ dangerous mold identification kit.
    • Use these multiple tests to compare them to each other and find the room with the moldiest dust and air. This room will most likely be the source of the contamination.There are always some tracked in mold spores in the air and dust in every building. All mold test kits will detect some mold in the air and dust.

If you are searching for the mold, use Multi-Test kits 5, 10, or 15. Go to shopping cart mold testing products

Track it down by testing the air and comparing each room – the most contamination is in the highest count room!

If you suspect that you have mold in your home, but can’t find the source of the contamination, then this is smartest, most economical mold test kit offered in home mold testing and detection. This mold test and retest kit is designed to help you find the location of a source of hidden mold contamination in your home. This is a search kit. This type of kit does not identify the molds, it guides you to the source of the contamination by sampling the mold in each room. This do-it-yourself home mold test kit contains multiple tests designed to test all your rooms to get a baseline and find the “hot spot” or test and retest several suspect rooms. The different mold colors and numbers of mold collected will allow you to easily compare and find the room with the most likely source of the mold contamination. The kit also contains the very helpful Mold Investigation Guide and a Mold Clean Up Guide.

Each of the mold test films will grow all the typical molds found growing on water-damaged wet building materials such as wood, sheet-rock, insulation paper, glues and paints, etc. These molds include the black mold, “toxic mold” Stachybotrys, and various Penicillium and Aspergillus and Cladosporum molds and other wet indicator mold species, which can cause irritation and illness.

Other useful MoldCheck Testing Kits

pet roaming test kit mold renters landlords
PetThreats™ Mold Test Kit
* Cats are very sensitive to toxic mold spores.
* does your cat occasionally sneeze?
* Test air and suspect surfaces of your cat’s indoor roaming spots.
* Only $49.95 for 10 tests!
Commercial Mold Test Kit
* 50 Tests
* Investigation Report Format
* Only $199.95 for 50 tests
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mold detection store test kit
more information mold testing air surface detection
go to store mold testing air surface detection

Mold Check™ Mold Testing Kits are complete indoor mold detection kits, These mold testing kits will help you track down, prove and clean-up mold contamination in your house. The toxic black mold testing films in these mold test kits will determine the relative level of mold spores in the air in each room, on surfaces in the house, apartment or office, and help you find the location of the leak or other moisture problem in the building. This will help you check for mold and find any including toxic black mold. These are do-it-yourself (DIY) mold and black mold testing and mold detection kits.
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