Mold Detection and mold testing in the home is easy. Do you have black mold symptoms? We’ll show you how to test for mold with our Mold Check mold test kit.

Locating sources of mold such as toxic black mold can help keep renters, homeowners, and pets from getting black mold symptoms or becoming sick. The kits, mold detection devices and site information show you how to investigate and test for mold growth anywhere and everywhere in the whole house.

Checking for mold and removing toxic mold, sources of mildew, and mold fungus is essential for health of the occupants of the home, especially those with mold allergies.

Is hidden house mold making you sick? We also offer information on what is mold and how high counts of mold spores can affect you or your cat or dog. Tips are included throughout the site on how to protect all occupants from exposure to mold, and there is detailed information on the harmful effects of mold contamination, both for the occupants and the structure itself. Welcome to, where science is put to use for healthy homes!
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Our Featured Mold Check ™ Test Kits

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Whole House (Air & Surface)
* Home/Office Air and Surface Test Kit
* 10 Rooms/ 2 Surface swabs
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Apartment / Condo (Air & Surface)
* Apt/Rental Air & Surface Test Kit
* 5 Tests/ 1 Surface swab
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* Includes Landlord Complaint Report
Air & Surface Kit – Test and Re-test
* Pre- and Post- Mold Cleanup kit
* 15 Tests/ 3 Surface swabs
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PetThreats™ Mold Test Kit
* Test 8 Pet Roaming Spots
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* Swabs for Two Surfaces
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Tox-Check™ Kit
* Identification of Stachybotrys (black mold) and other molds
* Results emailed to you
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Commercial Mold Test Kit
* 50 Tests
* Investigation Report Format
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What is mold?

Mold is a type of fungi hyphae that thrives in moist conditions and can cause sickness when inhaled from the air.

Air Testing For Whole House Mold Testing – DIY – Do It Yourself

If you suspect you have a source of hidden black or toxic mold? Then you want to use tools in the MoldCheck™ Mold Testing Kit as a dust and airborne mold detection inspection system when checking for mold. (See MoldCheck™ Kits #5, #10 and #15.)

The MoldCheck™ Mold Testing Kits can help find the indoor source of your mold allergy or asthma flair-ups and guide the mold remediation and mold removal of the contaminated area.

Checking for Mold – Surface Mold Testing

When you find a source of suspect mold, there are two ways to test it. The Prove-it™ Method You simply wipe a swab through the suspect mold and wipe it onto one of the test films. If it grows it’s mold.

Laboratory Testing – Tox-Check™ Lab

You purchase the Tox-Check™ swab test kit and send the swab to the certified mold testing laboratory. The lab will identify all the molds present including any toxic mold. Note: Many molds growing on building materials are black in color, but only a few are or maybe toxic.

Mold Symptoms – Sick Building Syndrome

Asthma Allergies Sinusitis From MoldDo you find that you feel ill, and you headaches and coughs and are sneezing a lot when you return home or go to work or some particular room? Ongoing research is finding strong relationships between indoor mold exposureand the following health symptoms of mold:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Chronic Rhinitis
  • Chronic Sinitis
  • Neurological Impairment & Toxic Mold
  • Indoor Coughing, Sneezing, Indigestion, Nose Bleeds
  • Sick Pets, Especially Cats.


How do the mold testing kits work?

The MoldCheck™ Mold Testing Kits use high-tech mold testing films (not Petri dishes or poured liquids) to sample the air or surfaces for toxic black mold spore contamination. This NEWLY patented, DIY “do it yourself” mold testing technology enables you to detect the relative levels of indoor mold spores in the various rooms in your house and compare them to each other in order to find the room with the hidden contamination. You can also prove what you have found growing on a surface is live mold or toxic black mold by using the Toxic Mold Screening Method in this Mold Testing Kit™.

How do you find hidden toxic black mold or any mold?

The MoldCheck™ Mold Testing Kits have three simple steps to track down hidden mold.

  1. You test all your rooms at the same time so you can compare them; You identify the rooms with the highest toxic black mold spore counts.
  2. Then using the Kit’s Investigation Guide, conduct a thorough investigation for black mold contamination or any mold, water leaks and condensation in the high count room, and
  3. You clean up mold contamination using the Mold Cleanup Guide to prepare a safe mold cleanup plan.

The various Mold Check™ Mold Testing Kits include

  • Easy to use Test Kit instructions
  • Easy to use black mold testing films that collect and grow mold spores which are viewed and counted through the clear plastic cover
  • The Mold Detection Guide™ which will help you search for and locate hidden moisture and mold sources
  • A Mold Clean Up Guide™
  • Mold Screening Swab – Each Mold Testing Kit comes with a surface mold collection swab and instructions on how to screen your sample to see if you have black mold, which is potentially the toxic black mold “Stachybotrys.”

Kit Uses – the MoldCheck™ Mold Test Kits can be used 4 ways

  1. Test all of the rooms in your house or apartment at the same time, in order to find the room with the highest mold spore count and the most likely location of the hidden contamination.
  2. Cleanup / Re-Testt – after you have found toxic black mold or any mold and cleaned it up you can use the mold testing film to re-test and see how clean the surface is.
  3. Filter Monitoring: You can also use the kit to monitor how effectively your air filtering system is working in each of your rooms.
  4. Surfaces – use the film with a swab sampler to prove what you found is live mold or toxic black mold, “Stachybotrys.”

Toxic Black Mold/Laboratory Confirmation Testing

Detecting Black Mold by Toxic Black Mold Testing in a laboratory

If you want to identify the scientific name of the suspect toxic black mold and other molds you have detected using the MoldCheck™ Toxic Black Mold Testing Kit, you must send one sampling swab to a qualified mold testing environmental microbiology laboratory.

The kit includes a sampling swab to send to the mold testing lab. Generally the laboratory testing industry charges from $20.00 to $100.00 depending on the type of identification you choose. The Tox-Check™ Lab fee is $29.95 only if you choose to send in the swab for identification.

However, the various federal environmental and health agencies (see Links) suggest that if you can see mold growth, you don’t need to identify its name to see if it is a toxic mold unless your allergist or lawyer wants to know. Just clean the mold up – all of it and dry the area as soon as possible! (see our Mold Cleanup page)

Health Effects

It is universally agreed in the environmental field that there is a general negative health impact to living in any type of indoor moldy environment. Regardless of whether it is a toxic type or not, excessive indoor mold spores can make you feel “sickly.”

“Katrina Cough” is the name given by patients and doctors to the persistent cough and mold allergy symptoms caused by suspected house mold or toxic black mold and mildew, or other dusty household mold, after Hurricane Katrina flooded their homes and work places. These mold symptoms are not caused by any bacterial or viral infection, but are the result of the persistent and powerful irritants found in the dusty, moldy buildings left behind by Hurricane Katrina or any major flooding event.


Once you have found a source of toxic black mold, you don’t need more than one test to check it out or identify it – just safely clean it up and dry the area out. See our Mold Clean Up Guide™ for more information. All molds, including toxic mold, are cleaned up the same way with multiple applications of inexpensive sanitizers and detergents, and drying up the moisture condition.

Mold Check™ Whole House Hidden Mold Testing


Mold Check™ Mold Testing Kits are complete indoor mold detection, black mold detection, toxic black mold testing, mold investigation, and black mold clean-up kits, they will help you track down, prove and clean-up mold contamination in your house. The toxic black mold testing films in these toxic black mold test kits will determine the relative level of mold spores in the air in each room, on surfaces in the house, apartment or office, and help you find the location of the leak or other moisture problem in the building. This will help you check for mold and find any including toxic black mold (DIY) do-it-yourself toxic black mold testing and mold detection kits.


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