Mold: A Case to be made in Cancer-Related Complications

While no one can deny that rampant mold growth in homes and buildings can be detrimental to the health of its occupants, a recent case underscores mold’s potential to be deadly. In a case still pending litigation, a hospital in Tampa, Florida is contesting claims that three young cancer patients died of mold-related infections. According the suit against the facility, a construction area was improperly isolated from the surrounding areas where the patients were being treated.

Renovations on the ground floor of the oncology center of St. Joseph’s Hospital, according to the suit, led to the release of mold spores which infected the children. The hospital has denied the allegations, claiming that, although the cancer patients died within a month of one another, precautions had been taken to secure the construction area, and the patients only succumbed to the effects of the cancer.

No matter what ruling results from this case, one fact is clear: careful segregation of mold-infested areas during mold remediation must take place. There are many potential ways that a building can become infested with mold, and they can come from any number of sources. However, merely identifying the source of a problem is not enough. Expeditious remediation is essential, and in a facility such as a health clinic or a hospital, the need for proper isolation of problem areas until the problem is corrected is vital.

The headlines that accentuate the health hazards of toxic black mold and its potential to cause health problems in people should motivate you to find, isolate, and fix such problems. At no point should a casual or cavalier attitude be taken in this process.

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