Mold Can Kill Pets, Too

A single case study has offered evidence that toxic black mold resulting from residential water damage can not only be deadly to humans but also to their beloved pets.

Documented in the September 2007 issue of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, a veterinary specialist in Marathon, Florida, discovered the connection between black mold and a pair of seemingly healthy indoor cats quite by chance, while performing a standard dental cleaning on the animals. When administering a pet anesthetic, he discovered frothy blood coming from the cats’ tracheas, a sign that the animals’ lungs were bleeding. Both cats died a few days later.
This condition could not have been caused by these routine dental procedures. Instead, the cats’ blood tested positive for Stachiobotrys chartarum (black mold). The cats had lived in a house that, some months prior, had suffered water damage as a result of a hurricane. Exposure to this type of mold has always been a concern for humans because its initial symptoms are not unlike those of the common cold or fatigue but has nonetheless led to documented respiratory-related health problems, pulmonary hemorrhages, and death in infants. The case study indicates that household pets are also vulnerable.

If your home has weathered a recent storm or if the floors or walls have suffered water damage, then it would be prudent to check your house for signs of black mold or other types of mold. Failure to do so could cause problems for all the residents of the house, so even while you and other members of your family might not be experiencing symptoms, your smaller “best friends” might be sick or dying. The simplest, most inexpensive way to ensure that there is no such mold in your house is to purchase the MoldCheck™ Test Kit System. The system is specifically designed to trace any mold sources that could affect the health of your family or your pets.

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