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Pets and Mold

If you and your vet can’t figure out what your cat or dog’s lethargy, sneezing, or bloody nose problem is, it may indeed be hidden mold somewhere in the house.

The MoldCheck™ Pet Threats™ Mold Testing Kit

We continually get calls from residents who say they have sick family members and they mention that “even the cat is sick.”It seems that cats, in particular, are very vulnerable to symptoms of illness that can be associated with mold in homes that have hidden spots of dampness. (see your cat or dog, but especially your cat, has been acting strangely, sneezing, coughing, lethargic, scratchy, wobbly, eye rubbing, you should rule out noxious or toxic mold spores as the cause, by conducting a very inexpensive whole house mold test screening. The Pet Threat™ Mold Test Kit is a quick and easy way to test everywhere your pet travels, eats, and sleeps indoors.

Kit Contents

Eight air tests and two surface test set ups.

An investigation guide

A clean-up guide

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Where to test

Make a list of all the places your dog or cat spends their day playing, wandering, exploring, sleeping, and eating indoors. These will be your test locations.

How to test the air that your pet is breathing

Following the standard instructions in the test kit, simply open one film in each pet test location after briefly stirring up the air. Tape down one corner of the top film to hold it down. Don’t let kitty or poochy walk onto the film. After one hour close the film.
Then follow the kit directions to:

activate the film

let it grow

view your results.

read your investigation guide and inspect areas which show the highest mold counts

I’m worried about this mold stuff.

DIY – Surface Mold – Prove It™

If you find what you think is mold growing on a surface, use the swab to take a “wipe sample’ and wipe it onto the film as shown at If it is mold, it will grow and expand across the film in hundreds of colonies. You have just proved that it is live mold. Use your clean-up guide to make a safe plan to clean it up.

There’s MOLD in my play area!!

Laboratory Investigation – Tox-Check™ Lab

If you want to know what type of mold you have found, and if it’s toxic, you can, for a  lab fee, send the swab to an affiliated, certified laboratory for investigation.

Go online to pay for the lab testing. The lab fee is $35.95.

Wipe the swab once more through the moldy surface. Place it in the lab testing plastic bag.

You must write your lab order number and email address on the swab envelope, then send it in the enclosed laboratory envelope, to Tox-Check™ Lab.

Report: You will receive a report and an interpretation by email in 5-7 days

Mold scares me!