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Released 2/8/2002
Date: FEBRUARY 8, 2002
Phone: 973-300-2421

N.J. BioSafety Products Company Files Patent for an Anthrax Screening Kit

Home Health Science, Inc., a Sparta, New Jersey BioSafety Products development company, has announced its filing of a patent for an Anthrax Screening System for use by Business, Industry and Governmental Facility Personnel.

“This is a screening kit, used to detect bacterial spores in the air or on surfaces, food or in water,” says Sean Reilly, Director of Product Development for the company. “This kit will enable facilities at risk, to daily test critical areas for a deliberate or collateral dispersal of Anthrax spores.”

“The extraordinary benefit of this system is that it can pick up an undetected bioterror event even when there is no visible powder or incident, such as was the case at the U.S. Postal Facilities.”

The kit is sensitive enough to detect a single bacterial spore. The new heat shock technology employed by the kit will kill all other bacteria except Bacillus spores including Anthrax spores. Other types of Bacillus spores do exist in nature, in soil, water and food, but would be at extremely low or non existent levels in indoor facility environments. These non-Anthrax spores will be quickly ruled out in confirmatory tests conducted by a specialized state-response laboratory.

If the kit shows spore growth, the sample will be immediately delivered to a certified Laboratory in each State’s Laboratory Response Network for confirmation as to which type of Bacillus spores have been detected. However, the laboratory confirmation step will, in all likelihood, be rarely employed since most samples will not contain any type of Bacillus spores. If Anthrax is confirmed by the State Laboratory, the CDC would become involved in the final confirmation and engagement of Federal Agencies.

This is an extremely cost effective method of operating a biothreat screening program at many facilities because it eliminates the cost of laboratory scientists being required to take the samples. Samples are taken daily from normal work areas by a trained employee or the Facility’s Health & Safety Officer.

This biodefense Anthrax Spore Screening System is in final validation trials and preproduction engineering and is expected to be available in mid 2002. A preproduction version of the kit is being sent to CDC for evaluation and comment.

This biothreat screening device is envisioned as a tool to protect critical facilities. This is not a retail consumer product. Inquiries are welcome from government institutions and agencies, industry and strategic partners. E-mail us here.

This biodefense Screening System will be marketed under the name Anthrax Screen™.


Released 6/15/2001
Date: JUNE 15, 2001
Phone: 973-300-2421

N.J. BioSafety Products Company Files Patent for an Indoor Mold Testing Kit

(See (Philadelphia), February 20 archives, search "mold", for a February 2001, Consumer Alert Report on the MoldCheck™ used to detect lingering mold problems in previously flooded homes.)

Are Mold Spores in Your Home Making Your Family Feel Sick?

Now a Do-It-Yourself Kit Helps You Detect, Track Down and Clean-Up Indoor Mold Contamination Which Can Be Hazardous to Adults and Children Whether You’re Allergic or Not!

Some 35 million Americans suffer each year from asthma and allergies, which are triggered by invisible, airborne allergens. Numerous media reports have shown schools, libraries – and even one state legislature (NJ) temporarily shut down because of the severe effects of excessive airborne mold spores from hidden indoor contamination source. Until now, it took expensive and time-consuming laboratory tests to find this harmful, hidden mold in our own homes and offices.

"We are serious about empowering people to take control of their own environment," says Sean Reilly, President of Home Health Science, a Sparta, New Jersey, BioSafety Product Development Company. The company specializes in do-it-yourself, microbiological test kits that help people track down, eliminate and prevent the sources of environmentally induced illnesses. This kit has been developed as a self-help investigative tool. "People with asthma or chronic respiratory problems which flair up when they are at home or work should test the air for mold spores. But until now it hasn’t been economical or practical for individuals to test the air in their homes or workplaces."

Mold spores in the air are 10 to 100 times smaller than a speck of dust, and their sources are most often hidden within the building. With Home Health Science’s MoldCheck™, a simple, step-by-step process helps you identify rooms with the highest levels of mold spores.

The kit contains spore capture films which are opened and placed around your home or workplace. Mold spores are then dusted up and allowed to settle out. After 60 minutes, you simply collect the films and apply pre-measured activator liquid to each. Then you cover and press the films, and leave them to incubate for 3 days. After incubation, multicolored mold colony "spots" becomes easy to see, count and evaluate. The rooms with the highest spore counts are then identified.

The kit user then proceeds to the rooms with the highest spore counts with the MoldCheck™ Building Detective Guide™. The guide offers a detailed inspection checklist to help locate mold contamination sources, which will be found near moisture from gutter leaks, roof leaks and improperly-sealed windows or a leaky hidden water pipe or blockage in air handling systems, clothes dryer vents, water heaters – or even seeping potted plants!

The final step in the MoldCheck™ provides a Clean Up Guide™. The guide provides instructions on the proper method to safely and carefully clean up mold and locate and correct the moisture problem which is the cause for the mold growth indoors.

The MoldCheck™ are available in kits for residential, commercial and school use. For more information, log onto or call Home Health Science at 1-877-276-8250.


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