MoldCheck.com specializes in creating inexpensive kits that allows customers to test for mold in the house. Mold detection is the key to starting the process of mold remediation.


At Home Health Science, our staff holds Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD’s in Science from top ranked American colleges and universities.


Our Staff is trained and experienced in microbiological investigations in any type location ranging from residences to schools, factories and, the new United States Embassy in Tajikistan, Central Asia.


We operate our business in a suite of the Marypaul Laboratories, Inc. Industrial Microbiology building (www.marypaullabs.com)


We have developed and patented a new simple consumer do-it-yourself mold testing kit. Other patents are pending.

Continuing Education:

Our Staff keeps up to date on the latest microbiological testing and investigation methods published by USEPA, CDC, ACGIH, and various industrial and professional organizations.

We attend ongoing training by leading non-profit professional organizations and review the latest literature.

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