The Pet Threats™ Mold Testing Kit

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Keep your dog happy and free from sickness

We at Home Health Science know how much your pet means to you, and watching your dog coughing or your cat wheezing can make you feel a bit powerless. You want to do whatever you can to help. You are certainly not alone. Just like people, pets can get sick, and when they do, they may suppress their normal, outgoing and gregarious personalities and become more introverted. When you’re sick, some times all you want to do is nothing at all, and it seems that eating, getting comfortable, even breathing, can seem like too much work. The same, too, goes for your pets.

Your pet can become ill for some of the very same reasons that, as people, can become sick, and in some ways pets due to their small size, their immune systems, and their proximity to the floor itself, make them even more vulnerable than people to one of the major causes of health problems in the home: mold.

With the PetThreat™ Mold Test Kit, Home Health Science, Inc., has developed an affordable and easy to use system that will help you isolate and uncover the problem area of hidden mold in your home. You might find that there’s a mold problem spot in the laundry room, the very spot where your cat likes to keep cool on a hot day, or, perhaps, in the living room, in the corner, not far from your dog’s favorite napping spot in the afternoon sunbeam that comes through the window.

One look at our happy, healthy home logo and you can see what we are all about at Home Health Science. We want to ensure the good health of every occupant in your home using sound scientific methodologies. At the end of a tough day, there is nothing more rewarding than coming home to a loving dog or cat and being on the receiving end of their unconditional love. Your pet makes you feel special, and you want to return the favor. Assure them of clean air.

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