testing and identification of toxic mold types

Tox-Check Lab Service

Use our do-it-yourself mold detection kit to locate the source of mold in your home. Once you have found it, we offer a service to help you identify the types of mold you may be dealing with.

Using the Tox-Check™ Lab Identification Service

If you have found a source of mold growing on a surface and you want to know if it is potentially toxic or not, you can send a swab sample to the Tox-Check™ Lab for testing.

Purchase Instructions

Click the “go to store” or the  “purchase products” button below and purchase the Tox-Check™ Lab Mold Identification Service ($35.95 + s&h). Print or record your order number. You will receive an order confirmation along with mailing instructions and an address.

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Sampling Instructions

1. Put your name, e-mail address, and Tox-Check order confirmation number on a plastic baggie.

2. Using the small blue swab in your MoldCheck™ mold test kit, wipe it through the mold in a large X pattern to collect the various molds present. There are often several types of molds present, based on the wetness and type of surface material.

3. Place the swab in the bag and seal it.

4. Place the plastic bag in a standard envelope, add a first-class stamp (46 cents) and mail it to the laboratory.

Lab Report

You will receive a lab report and analysis in 5-7 business days.