Using the MoldCheck™ Mold Test Kits

The MoldCheck™ Mold Test Kit is an easy to use complete home and office mold testing kit. You need to see what's in the air in all your various rooms in order to find the room with the moldiest air. One mold test kit film is opened in each room to be tested. After the one hour mold spore collection, just add the activating liquid droplet and press closed. Then simply view count the mold spore colonies after 3-4+ days to find your high spore count rooms. Once you have found your high spore count rooms you have identified the room(s) with the most probable source of the mold contamination. Use the kit investigation guide to find the hidden mold.

Air/Dust Testing - to find where the mold is

If you suspect you have a source of hidden mold? Then you want to use the MoldCheck™ Mold Test Kit as an airborne mold contamination investigation kit. (See MoldCheck™ Kits #5, #10 and #15.)

Surface Testing - diy

Have you found the source of suspect mold growth and want to test it yourself? - Then you want to use the Prove-it Surface Mold Test Method and Clean-Up Guide.

Laboratory Surface Testing

If you have found the mold in your home and want it indentified, you can send it to the laboratory, using the Tox-Check™ lab kit. A certified laboratory will test it and we'll send you a mold report.

The complete MoldCheck™ Mold Test Kits for Air include #5, #10 or #15 Mold Testing Setups which include:

Easy to use Test Kit instructions

Easy to use mold test films that collect and grow mold spores which are viewed amazing to see through the clear plastic cover

The Building Detective GuideTM which will help you search for hidden moisture and mold sourceslike a pro.

A Mold Clean Up GuideTM


Here are the 3 EASY STEPS to a MoldCheck™ air or surface test!

Air Screening

Prove-it™ Surface Testing


Open one test film in each room.


Wipe the swab onto the surface to be tested.  Then wipe the swab between the films in the pattern of an "x".


After one hour of collection, squeeze the activating liquid between the films and press closed.


Squeeze the activating liquid between the films and press closed.


Example of high air count.

See mold spore colonies as they grow to visible size on days 3, 4 and 5. This will show you the moldiest room. Go to that room and inspect it.


Example of gross surface contamination. You've Got Mold!

Check the mold colonies and color as they grow to visible size on days 3, 4, 5+. The Kit explains how to interpret test results. If black spores grow into brown colonies it may be Stachybotrys (Toxic) Mold

NOTE: Air Testing

The  reason you test your whole house or apartment (All your rooms) at the same time is to get a comparison. It's just what a professional does in buildings with a mold complaint (For $500 to $1000.)

This is a scientific kit. The films are made by "3m Microbiology" for use in laboratories around the world. We've patented this new method for use in the field and help you get professional result.

Indoor Results

Test your rooms. After 72 hours (3 days) you'll see the visible spore colonies on each of your indoor test films. Organize your rooms from the lowest to the highest counts. If there is a source of indoor mold growth, it is usually in or right next to the room with the highest mold spore count. Go to the area with the highest spore count and begin your search for a source of mold contamination and moisture intrusion using "The Building Detective Guide™."


(Optional) The outdoor spore count provides a background reference count. During the outdoor growing season (above 50° F) outdoor mold spore counts will almost always be much higher than indoor counts, in a closed air-conditioned building. Outdoor mold spore settling counts can range from zero in the winter to over 400 spores per hour in the growing seasons of spring, summer and fall. Outdoor sampling is optional.

Using this new MoldCheck™ Mold Test Kits will help you detect and track down sources of indoor mold spores and perhaps lower your frequency of "allergic building episodes" and medication needs at home or work.