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Validation Study

Whether mold detection or mold screening is effective or not can be determined by looking at the results of testing against standards that are measurable.


The MoldCheck™ Test Kit System has been validated as a reliable mold spore detection, screening device and investigative system. This validation study compared the sampling results of three standard, viable mold spore sampling methods. All three methods were used to simultaneously collect environmental mold spores indoors and outdoors on two separate dates. A total of five (5) samples of each sampling method were taken simultaneously at seven (7) sampling stations. The collected samples were incubated at room temperature and enumerated according to standard methods.

Graph 1:

The enumerated data for each method were averaged, graphed and compared. All three methods produced the exact same rank order trend, identifying the lowest intermediate and highest sampling stations (see Graph 1).

validation mold test kit

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= MoldCheck™ – 1 hour gravity
= Petri Dish – 1 hour gravity
= Biotest RCS (centrifugal impact sampler) 2 minute sample = 80 Liters


1. All three microbiological screening devices, although using differing methodologies and sampling durations, identified the stations in the same rank order from lowest to highest (except for the T-1-5 anomaly due to excessive wind).
2. The MoldCheck™ Test Kit System is the least costly system and the RCS (or any other active pump sampling system) is the most expensive.
3. Note: The Biotest impact sampler captured significantly greater spores at the two outdoor, excessively windy sites, (T-1-4 and T-1-5) on 8/10/02.



Screening Investigations:

The MoldCheck™ Test Kit System has been validated by Home Health Science, Inc. as an environmental mold spore screening device suitable for initial airborne mold spore contamination investigations. The kit will enable investigators to quickly screen and economically prioritize areas which need a detailed hands-on, physical inspection (see Graph 2). The MoldCheck™ Test Kit System is, without question, the most cost-effective microbiological screening method for environmental air.

Graph 2:

The MoldCheck™ Test Kit System, as demonstrated in this manufacturing facility (below), has a wide range of capabilities to detect very clean or contaminated environments. The MoldCheck™ Test Kit System can be used to create a building baseline “resident spore load” or as an investigative device to conduct spot checks and pinpoint the need for detailed investigations. Example – the outdoor control graph spore levels shown below are between 10 and 30 CFU per film per hour. The air conditioned administrative offices shown, are 10 CFU per film per hour or less and the major production room ranges from 30 to 400 CFU per film per hour. The major production room was found to have a wood palette contamination problem.


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validation mold

When used in conjunction with the kit’s Building Detective Guide™, the MoldCheck™ Test Kit System provides a quick, consistent and economical method for field personnel to conduct investigations and screening reports when the objective is to primarily locate the source of mold contamination and pinpoint the attendant water leak inside a building.

Kit Specifications For The Standard Kit

The MoldCheck™ Test Kit System is a self-test kit used to conduct mold spore screening investigations.

  • The Kits identifies rooms with the highest mold spore concentrations (the test films).
  • The Kit guides the user through an investigation of the highest spore count rooms, to find the mold growth source (The Building Detective Guide™).
  • The Kit provides the Clean Up Guide™.

The Standard 10 Test Kit Contains:

  • 10 Sterile Dehydrated Agar Collection Films.
  • 10 Sterile Activating Liquid Ampules.
  • Liquid Spreading Press.
  • Instructions with graphics.
  • Data Recording Form.
  • The Building Detective GuideTM — a detailed inspection check list.
  • Mold Clean Up GuideTM.
  • Incubation: 3-5 Days at Room Temperature (No Incubator Needed).
  • Counting: Standard Visual Method (No Light Box or Magnification Needed).
  • Sampling Time: 1 Hour Exposure (All sites can be done simultaneously).
  • Sample Retention: May be frozen after incubation for evidence and further analysis.
  • Kit Weight: 4-6 oz.
  • Kit Shelf Life: 6 Months – 1 Year.
  • Individual colonies may be plucked for fruiting growth & identification.
  • This is a fully self contained, self-test kit. It does not require a skilled technician or any sample return to a laboratory.
  • The MoldCheck™ Kit has a technical/educational support web site.

Note: This methodology does not need pumps, batteries, battery rechargers, coolers, ice-packs, incubators, autoclaves or light boxes used with other spore collection methods.

This is a validated microbiological tool.

This is high tech simplification of microbiological sampling technology at its best – the MoldCheck™ Test Kit System!


Sean Reilly
VP, Director of Creative Development
Home Health Science, Inc.