What is Mold?

What is Mold? Mold (or mildew) are naturally occurring living organisms that belong to the kingdom of living things call fungi.

This includes hundreds of thousands of of strangely shaped, colored, and sizes of fungi including large growths such as mushrooms to microscopic ones that eat flesh (I.E. athlete’s foot) and attack imuno-compromised patients.

Fungi are not like plants, which make their own food using chlorophyll. Fungi attach to other living and dead things and digest them using special chemical enzymes

Mold and mildew are different words used to describe the same thing: a slimy or powdery film growing on a damp surface.

Mold or mildew live mostly on dead moist plant matter. However, they can grow on almost any building material which is made from plant material that becomes damp.

Different types of mold will digest and destroy different materials. Certain molds digest leaves, fruits, baked goods, and other molds can rot out the wooden structure of a damp house. (White wood not fungus)

Mold spores (“mold seeds”) which blow into your house from outdoors will distribute themselves like dust and settle on and stick to everything.

When any of the household furnishings or walls, floors, rugs, books, papers, become wet or even damp due to condensation, for a few days molds will begin to grow.

Yours nose knows mold! If you can smell it, you’ve got it somewhere.

Screen your house by testing each room and outdoors. This will help you pinpoint which room has the most spores and is most likely the source of the growth.

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